Business alliance with Seagate Technology 2023.01.11

NonEntropy Japan K.K. (NonEntropy Japan; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takuo Nishimura; hereafter “the Company”), which operates a distributed storage business that plays an important role in the infrastructure of the Web3 society under the slogan “digitally storing everything in the world”, has agreed to a business alliance in the field of Web3 with Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in large capacity data and storage infrastructure solutions. (NASDAQ: STX) (“Seagate”), a world leader in high-capacity data storage infrastructure solutions, to collaborate in the Web3 field.


 Business alliance details

Seagate brings together over 40 years of experience in providing innovative services to businesses, offering easy-to-integrate storage with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high performance. The company currently ships over 3 zettabytes of storage capacity. From petabytes to exabytes, Seagate offers the best in powerful yet simple data storage systems and enterprise hard drives.

We operate Interplanetary FileSystems (IPFS) for Web3 businesses and distributed data centres with Filecoin technology. Going forward, by using high-performance Seagate Exos® X20 hard drives in Seagate’s self-healing, high-density Exos® CORVAULT™, we will be able to offer a comprehensive suite of Seagate storage systems designed for data-driven, distributed, Web3 designed for a data-driven, distributed web3.

Our work with Seagate will enable us to deploy and efficiently capitalise on industry-leading storage solutions with long-term uptime and TCO advantages. Both companies will offer robust Web3 distributed data storage services in the Japanese market.

IPFS or Filecoin technology is a distributed storage technology that enables long-term data storage in a tamper-proof state by distributing data across multiple data storage locations on a network. It has already been put to practical use in the storage of news and weather data, and is the de facto standard for storing NFT content data in the Web3 field.

Needs are expected to increase in the future as Web3 progresses, and with the cooperation of Seagate, the Company will work on the development of new solutions, such as archive data storage for companies and the provision of data storage capacity for distributed storage.


 About Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology helps maximize the potential of humanity by creating a data environment (datasphere) and building innovations in world-class, sophisticated data management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships. Seagate has been a global technology industry leader for more than 40 years and has shipped more than 3 zettabytes of data storage capacity. LinkedIn, YouTube or follow Seagate’s blog.