NonEntropy's IPFS data center

System Development

System Development

We are able to establish a private IPFS server for enterprises by utilizing our expertise in PFS server operation.
If considering IPFS technology as a storage layer for NFTs and other blockchain relevant services, please contact us here.



Fault tolerance IPFS specifies content CIDs and does not specify the server on which the content resides. This makes it suitable for storing NFTs and other valuable and asset-intensive files.

Decentralized load balancing IPFS allows users to retrieve files from multiple nodes, which means that they will be retrieved from a node that is closer to the user. This prevents the concentration of the load of retrival work on a single node.

Censorship-resistant In the 2020 U.S. presidential election, censorship was possible simply by blocking access to the server (Twitter) where the information was located. On the contrary, with IPFS, the same content can be maintained on countless nodes, so that even if one node is blocked from access, the same information can be obtained from other nodes, making censorship more difficult.

Tamper-resistant Accessing data with the content CID as the key value makes data tampering impossible. This is because the person acquiring the data can easily verify the validity of the content by comparing the original hash value, which is the ID of the accessed data, with the hash value obtained from the content.